Mobile web has emerged in a big way lately, thanks to the phenomenal rise in the popularity as well as use of mobile phones. It’d be a huge disservice if your website is not designed to respond and adjust to mobile and other devices.

One quick way of doing this would be to use a responsive website design. It’s quick and easy. We have to understand here the difference between a responsive website and a mobile-friendly website. While the former is a website design that allows your website to adapt to the size of any screen it is being viewed on, the latter is designed to look good on mobile devices, but might have glitches and be harder to navigate when viewed on devices with a higher resolution.

Therefore, a responsive website could be viewed on say, a desktop, phone, or a tablet etc. and users won’t ‘notice any difference’ in the site’s general appearance on their screen.

In today’s article, we’d be looking at several benefits of using a responsive website.


Increased Traffic From Mobile Users

Once upon a time businesses used to create two versions of their website, one for desktop users and the other strictly for mobile users. Although many still do today, but with ever-increasing viewership from mobile users, having two separate versions of one website is a time consuming and high maintenance practice.

The solution lies in having just one responsive website that is ready for all devices. This ensures that you retain not just those customers who view your website on a desktop but also the mobile viewers.


Lower Cost And Website Maintenance

Another very obvious benefit of using a responsive website is that it offers you a lower maintenance cost as compared to running two versions of one website.

Although it is relatively expensive in the beginning, but the reduced cost of maintaining two separate websites does add up.

Besides, it takes less time to set up. And it’s easier to maintain one responsive website than maintaining two versions of the same site.

It frees up more time for you to dedicate to other important areas of your business. And you could also offer tailored location-based offers to drive traffic to your website.

Need a place to start? Well, you can access website design offers that are visually appealing and ready for all devices.


Provides a Seamless User Experience

Unresponsive websites usually distort the way your website appears on devices like mobiles and tablets. By far one of the greatest benefits of having a responsive website is that customers get a seamless and hassle-free user experience.

Whereas desktop viewers might have no problem viewing your website, the same cannot be said for mobile users for whom texts may get jumbled, images may not align and they may have to scroll through endless pages in search of the information they need. This makes it a pain for users to use your site smoothly and seamlessly. Therefore, after such an experience, a user is least likely to revisit your website.

To avoid scenarios like this, it’d be worthwhile to evaluate the quality of your website design. The benefits that will accrue to you, in the long run, will outweigh whatever you’re going to spend on it in the beginning.


Adapts Easily To Any Screen Size

Another benefit of having a great responsive website ready for all devices is its adaptability to any screen size.

With a responsive website design, you’re way ahead of the competition. It positions your website to seamlessly cater to newer devices that customers use to surf the internet, e.g. smartwatches, IoT devices, etc. Your website can automatically adjust itself to suit each screen.


A Responsive Website Improves Your SEO Efforts

Responsive websites have a greater likelihood of ranking high in SERPs.

The ‘user-focused’ experience and high-quality content could increase your dwell time, thereby making users stick around in the long run.

Google recommends a responsive website design pattern. Besides, a responsive design makes for a good user experience and improves your SEO efforts across all platforms.

To conclude, we’d like to say that having a responsive website can save you lots of money, maintenance time and also help you to convert and retain more clients in the long run.

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